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J. Zimnicki, M. Smolarska

Rok założenia firmy  1995

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Al. Wojska Polskiego 494-496

Witamy w serwisie internetowym firmy KOMKAS z Malborka. Jesteśmy malborskim dystrybutorem urządzeń fiskalnych, oprogramowania i sprzętu komputerowego. Zajmujemy się kompleksową informatyzacją przedsiębiorstw. Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z naszą ofertą. 

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82-200 Malbork 

tel. 55 307 04 04
601 653 484

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About  PUH KOMKAS s.c. ....

KOMKAS in a Nutshell
he company was founded in the spring of 1995 by Jerzy Zimnicki, graduate of Electronics Faculty at Military University of Technology (WAT) in Warsaw.

Since the begining the company has been oriented on providing computer services and technical support to small and medium business. We can offer computer systems, network installations (including Internet), software and finally all types of electronic fiscal cash registers for both small and large points of sale. We also have a wide assortment of paper and ribbons for electronic cash registers and fiscal printers as well. We can also propose a large choice of code line readers and electronic weights.

Where you can find us?
Since the summer of 2000, the company is located in Malbork city (northern Poland, quite close to Gdansk and Elblag), at Al. Wojska Polskiego street 494-496 (district Piaski, former military barracks; near ‘Majewski’ Hotel and ‘Alfa Club’). Contact: phone number (+48) 55 307 04 04, mobile +48601653484 or e-mail.

Mission and goals

We specialize in technical support and computer system services for small and medium business, shops, wholesale companies, drug-stores etc. We sell and maintain software supports sale process, book-keeping, personnel- and earnings management. We offer all types of computer-based services (design, providing and installation of network and software, security concept, hosting and designing www pages and e-mail accounts, archiving, optimizing, scanning, etc.) We also hold a comprehensive technical support and outsourcing services for companies and individuals. We are focused on standard and dedicated support services to help our partners and customers in achieving business success. We base on loyalty, best practices and customer's trust. We combine modern technologies with deep technical knowledge and large experiences. We have tradition, lots of successfuly completed projects but we are still looking for new challenges. Cooperate with us gets you opportunity to achieve your personal business success. 

On the 1st of May 1999,PUK KOMKAS was converted into PUH KOMKAS s.c. With this date the company became partnership because Jerzy Zimnicki was joined by Danuta Zimnicka and Michał Zimnicki.

We're continously expanding the field of our activity to be able to offer to our present and future customers much wider and much more complex range of services. 

KOMKAS and Internet
Since June 1999, we have been promoting Malbork in Internet, in co-operation with Infoman from Szczecin. We cooperate with unofficial Malbork Castle Webpage and also host Malbork Commercial Site.

KOMKAS is a registered trademark
In August 1999, Polish Patent Office by decision No. Z 205697 of 04.08.1999 admited us the exclusive rights to name and brand KOMKAS as a trademark in electronic and computer equipment, electronic cash registers and office materials, computer networks and Internet.

In January  2002,  we registered the domain For now our WebPages are available at but also and

Since August 2003, KOMKAS was owned by mgr inż. Jerzy Zimnicki and mgr inż. Michał Zimnicki.

Since April 2008, KOMKAS was owned by mgr inż. Jerzy Zimnicki and mgr  Łukasz Smolarski.

Since January 2014, KOMKAS is owned by mgr inż. Jerzy Zimnicki and mgr  Małgorzata Smolarska.



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